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Virginia's Best Appalachian Trail Sections: Description List

One quarter of the Appalachian Trail lies in Virginia.  There are more miles in this state than any other over its entire length from Georgia to Maine.  Since moving to Virginia in 1992 I have been working on completing the A.T. in the state, though I have really only concentrated on it over the past 3 years.  Many of my A.T. hikes have been documented in my blog.  Below is a list of hike sections described in this blog, from south to north.  There are several gaps, usually areas that I didn't find interesting enough to write about (such as most of Shenandoah National Park).
Celebrating completing the entire A.T. in Virginia - at the TN/VA border, October 24, 2015.
I always try to find out as much as I can about the A.T. sections I have targeted to complete in advance of hiking them.  If you are interested in information on a particular section of the A.T., this collection may help you prepare for certain section hikes.

The A.T. meets the Balcony Falls Trail in James River Face Wilderness.
Although I have enjoyed every mile of the 550+ I have hiked on the A.T. in Virginia, I have noted those sections that I consider to be exceptional.  The links below take you to descriptions of each section listed.  I only list sections that I have reported on in this blog.

Tennessee Border to Beartree Gap.  Link.

Elk Garden to Mt. Rogers.  Link.  (Highly Recommended.)

Mt. Rogers to Hurricane Shelter.  Link.  (Highly Recommended.)

Raccoon Branch Wilderness.  Link.

U.S. 11, Rural Retreat, Virginia, to Rt 42.  Link.

Rt. 42 to Burke’s Garden.  Link.   (Highly Recommended.)

Burke’s Garden to Va 615.  Link.   (Highly Recommended.)

Va 615 to U.S. 52.  Link.

U.S. 52 to Wood’s Hole Hostel.  Link.

New River to Rice Fields Shelter. Link.

Rice Fields Shelter to Pine Swamp Shelter. Link.

Va 635 to Rt. 42.  Link.

Mountain Lake Wilderness.  Link.   (Highly Recommended.)

Sinking Creek to Lee Hollow (Rt. 621).  Link.

Lee Hollow (Rt. 621) to Trout Creek (Rt. 620).  Link.

Dragon’s Tooth to Rt. 311. Link.   (Highly Recommended.)

McAfee Knob and Tinkers Cliffs.  Link.   (Highly Recommended.)

Andy Layne Trail to U.S. 220.  Link.

Rt 43 to Va 613 (Cove Mtn.)  Link.

Parker’s Gap Road to Petite’s Gap.  Link.

Thunder Ridge Wilderness.  Link.

Piney Ridge Trail to Matt's Creek Trail, James River Face Wilderness.  Link.   (Highly Recommended.)

Matt's Creek Trail to James River Foot Bridge. (Highly Recommended.) Link.

James River Foot Bridge to Hercules Road.  (Highly Recommended.) Link.

Saddle Gap to Saltlog Gap, near Punchbowl.  Link.

Brown Mountain Creek Shelter to Bald Knob. Link.

U.S. 60 to Hog Camp Gap.  Link.

Cole Mountain.  Link.   (Highly Recommended.)

Seely-Woodworth Shelter to Spy Rock Road.  Link.

Priest Summit to Tye River.  Link.  Link2.   (Highly Recommended.)

Tye River to Reed’s Gap (Three Ridges).  Link. Link2.   (Highly Recommended.)

Dripping Springs to Humpback Rocks Parking.  Link.

SNP Central: South River Falls to Lewis Mountain Campground: Link.

SNP Central: Hawksbill to Stony Man.  Link.   (Highly Recommended.)

SNP Central: Jewell Hollow to Mary’s Rock.  Link.   (Highly Recommended.)

SNP North: Elkwallow Gap to Hogback Overlook.  Link.

Chester Gap to Manassas Gap.  Link.

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