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Spain's Camino Primitivo Days 10 and 11: Two Zero Mile Days in Lugo


After arriving in Lugo on Thursday night, I would not leave town to continue on the Camino until Sunday.  In the meantime, Larry would show up Friday evening at the bus station, and Nagore would leave a couple of hours later from the same bus station.  Elizabetta would join a couple of new pilgrims we met at the hostel and would arrive in Santiago a day ahead of us.  Several other pilgrims we had encountered multiple times during the trip would cruize through the city on their journeys.  Like these guys.  I never got their names even though we encountered them three different days.  They spoke only Spanish, and Nagore would have a blast talking to them.

In the meantime, I would walk nearly 20 miles around Lugo.  I would walk the top of the Roman wall multiple times.  I would tour the Cathedral twice (no photos allowed!).  I would do laundry and buy groceries.  I would check out multiple restaurants in the city. I would meet new Spaniards. And I would replace my Spanish SIM card from Orange with a SIM card from Movistar, without successfully unlocking my mysteriously slow iPhone.

Here are photos taken from my walks around the Roman Walls, which Wikipedia lists as 6,690 feet long (Link).  It was a popular walking, jogging, and dog walking route.

Here are some photos of the city, taken from the Roman walls.

And here are some random photos of Lugo.

Our hostel was wonderful!  It was so amazing that I took a video to show my family.  I highly recommend the Hostel Porton in Lugo.

Also enjoying Lugo with us was Pilar from Madrid, on the left in the photo below.  Pilar was in town to visit her astrologer, but she went out to several bars and restaurants with us. She also texted us congratulations after we finished our journey. Thanks for your company, Pilar! 

The hostel was right next to the Roman walls, but you could barely tell if you were walking the walls.

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